PhD in 3 minutes

Last month I surprised myself by winning First Place and the People’s Choice Award at the University of British Columbia Three Minute Thesis competition. I entered at the 11th hour with the aim of improving my presentation skills and barely made it through the first round. A week later I shared the stage with some fabulously smart and bright PhD and Masters students – all from the Sciences – so I had to lift my game.

The rules are fairly simple: you have 3 minutes in which to communicate the essence and importance of your PhD or Masters thesis. You are allowed a single static slide (if anything moves, you’re immediately disqualified) and speakers notes are strongly discouraged. The timer starts when the speaker begins speaking and for the next three minutes you are judged by three judges on both content and delivery. Grades /10 are given but there is also a People’s Choice Award in which members of the audience get to vote.

Here is the video of my presentation:

The other finalists can be watched here

I’ll be giving the same presentation at a UBC/SFU Showcase on April 15th and then go on to the 3MT Western Regional Competition on April 29th at UBC Okanagan. Wish me luck!

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