Worst yet to come

Over the coming days I will be using this blog to make some reflections about the ongoing war on Gaza. Let’s hope, for the sake of those under the bombs on both sides, that my blogging on this particular war is short-lived, though I fear it will not be. If recent history is anything to go by, more – and worse – is yet to come. The 2008-2009 onslaught lasted 21 days taking the lives of close to 1400 Palestinians (and 4 Israelis) and the 2006 Lebanon war went on for just over a month. By the standards set in these wars the death-count in Gaza is still relatively low even with reports that the number of Palestinian casualties reached over 100 today.  Occupied Palestine is doing a great and important job of compiling the names of fallen Palestinians; providing names is important as an act of memory but also because it makes us recall the humanity of the lives lost in a such a way that straightforward statistics can not.


There is much that need and ought to be said about the current conflict and I will try to keep my posts concise and limited to one particular issue, event or perspective. After a while I hope to broaden things out  away from an exclusive focus on Israel and Gaza; broaden both geographically and thematically that is. As you’ll have noticed, the name of this blog is war law & space: these are three central concepts for me and they come together in all kind of interesting ways. In the coming days you’ll begin to see how I understand these concepts and how they relate to the ongoing war on Gaza. Stay tuned.

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